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Niche Web Traffic Questions and Answers

Our Niche Traffic Network

Our niche traffic network consists of over 20.000 domain names and a very large blog network directed to a network of 5 servers.

This network then distributes the targeted niche traffic according to our customers requirements.

All incoming traffic from expired domains and our blog network is directed to Server 1. Then to servers 3, 4 or 5 based on customers targeting requirements.

Niche Marketing Questions And Answers

  1. Choose your product from one of the sales pages.
  2. Pay with credit card or direct bank transfer.
  3. Approved web traffic orders will start within 24 hours.
  4. You will receive an email with log in to the stats area when your order is approved.
Approved traffic orders orders will normally be processed within 24 hours after your payment. All campaigns are manually approved. When your campaign is spproved you will receive a new email with log in details to your admin area. All US and Country Targeted traffic campaigns will be started Monday - Friday.
ReVisitas.com does NOT charge a setup fee. All funds added to your account will be for your campaign usage.Accordion Sample Description
We ALWAYS answer all emails. If you don't see any reply from us, please check your spam box. Sometimes your spam filter takes our replies and you never see the reply. If you never receive a reply from us, try to use a gmail or yahoo account and send us a new email.
Yes, it is Adsense safe. We have been sending traffic to Adsense sites for years and we have NEVER had a problem or complaint with regards to any ad service.
When your traffic campaign has been approved, you will receive a confirmation email with log in to a live stats panel where you can monitor the flow of visitors. You can also check you RAW server logs and your AW stats. You will find that in for instance your cpanel. The US traffic is 100% trackable in Google Analytics.
When you purchase a traffic package, we will have to manually check your url/landing page and make sure it does not violate our terms. When your traffic campaign has been approved, you will receive a confirmation email sent to your BUYER email address. If you dont see any emails from us, also check your spam box. This entire process will normally take place within 24 hours after payment.
Yes, from your stats panel you're able to do this yourself. Use Firefox or Chrome when you log in to your admin/stats panel. In order to log in to this panel you will receive a separate email with log in details.
There are many reasons for a non-counted visit to your page:
  • A visitor closes the window before your site loads
  • The visitor is on a slow connection and the request times out
  • The visitor is behind an ISP with a proxy ex. AOL
  • The user's browser served the request from cache instead of from your server
  • Your site was unavailable at the time of request (server down time)
  • Your tracking software could not handle concurrent connections
Note: It is quite common for ALL third party stat counters to differ from each other as much as 20% or more because of all these various factors. We recommend not using Google Analytics, as it does not track domain redirects (301). Instead, use RAW server logs or Awstats from your cpanel as it is much more accurate. These stats will also show our visit tracker as the referral.
For the past few years we have been managing lots of social media accounts for companies and developing huge accounts on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon and more. With these accounts, we are able to reach a large number of very active social media followers every single day. As part of our management agreements, we maintain a 10% share of the advertising rights used to reach these users everyday. We use this ad space (banner ads, status updates and tweets) to draw visitors into our niche targeting pools and then distribute them to the advertisers in that pool. For instance, let's say you are selling purses. We may drop a status update related to shopping on our Fashion related fan site with over 1.7 million fans or promote "The latest dating sites" on a singles related twitter account with over 2 million followers. If you were to combine the followers and fans into one giant pool. Chances are you are a fan or follower of more than one of our managed accounts already.
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