Testimonials and Customer Reviews of RealTrafficSource.com 2009

At RealTrafficSource.com we have a large number of customers and also a very large number of happy and satisfied clients. Now and then we receive honest and unpaid realtrafficsource reviews from our customers, mostly pr email. When we receive positive realtrafficsource reviews we sometimes ask if we can post the review on this page. So here we are, a page filled with unbiased realtrafficsource reviews from real customers.

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Here we have gathered real customer realtrafficsource reviews. None of these realtrafficsource reviews are paid reviews – only honest feedback.

Collection of realtrafficsource reviews

2009: realtrafficsource reviews

“Thanks again for the great csr support. Great Job!” more-gifts.com

Fast work. Did excactly what was offered. fogcitycharms.com

“Thanks for hooking me up! Hopefully i will see some sales come out of the increased traffic.” busymanmuscle.com

“Just wanted to say thanks for the great service, you keep this up we’ll do more business. If you can do these campaigns in a week, I’ll redo the same two each week! Great work…..for now!” more-gifts.com

“Google rather hypocritically banned my adwords ad because I was apparently advertising an “online gambling website” for the key words “deal or no deal”. When I looked on Google, I found literally 1000s of ads blatantly promoting gambling. Presumably those advertisers have more money than me so Google “turn a blind eye” to such things! However, your traffic, from the countries Germany and Denmark, but also England has generated me sales over the last few days. Who needs Google? Thanks.” Matt Nellis

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